Removing Your Children from Dowen School isn't the right thing to do - School Forum Member

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Following the death of 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni, who was allegedly tormented and killed by some senior pupils, the Dowen College Parents' Forum has responded to an internet campaign for parents to withdraw their children from the school.

Aituaz Kola-Oladejo, one of the forum's executive members, stated that parents pulling their children from school would not fix the situation. She insisted that the current situation should be viewed as a chance to completely overhaul secondary education in Nigeria.

Dowen College Forum
Dowen College

"Information affects people in different ways. In school, we are parents. Academically, I must say, the school is excellent; I have three children enrolled there." There are breaches, but I would not advise parents to remove their children at this time. This is, rather, a time to heal, reconcile, and build. That is my message to the Dowen children's parents."

"I'm aware that there have been incidences of bullying in other schools as well." It is a chance for Nigerian secondary schools to improve in general. Withdrawing your children from this school is not the answer, but it may be your initial reaction out of fear.

"I don't believe it's a cemetery." The school will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, and many of its alumni have achieved success."

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