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Reps set to back states on flags, consolidate lawmakers’ immunity

The House of Representatives is set to enact a law that will empower the 36 state governments in the country to have their flags side-by-side that of the country.

This is contained in a bill titled ‘National Symbols Bill, 2012.’ It states that this will be done in the spirit of multiplicity of the people in the country.

Weekly Trust recalls that the issue of states having their flags generated a lot of controversy among Nigerians last year when Bayelsa and Lagos states announced creating their flags apart from the National Flag.

Members of the lower chamber also aimed to consolidate immunity for serving lawmakers against any proceeding that may arise as regard their actions at the plenary or committee meetings.

A bill titled ‘Legislative Powers and Privileges Act, 2012’ which seeks to repeal the Legislative Houses (Powers and Privileges) Act, Cap L12 LFN, 2004, provides that “criminal or civil proceeding shall not be instituted against a member of the Legislative House in respect of words spoken or written at the plenary session or at committee proceedings of the Legislative House.”

Speaking at a public hearing organized by the House committee on justice for consideration of three bills namely lobbyist registration bill, national symbols and regislative privileges, its chairman Rep Ali Ahmad (PDP, Kwara) said the House took them serious because of their legal implications when passed into law.

The states flag bill provides in Section 5 sub-section (1) that “Nothing in this Act shall preclude any state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from having their states flags.”

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