SCAM: After 2 Years Of Hard Work, Feedwellpeople dumps employee Queen Kiramo Albert, Refuses To Pay Her Over N5m Bonus

A Nigerian woman, Quen Kiramo Albert, has accused her employer, Feedwellpeople, of "use and dump".

Queen was 47 when she joined the organization in 2019 after the company's director, Engr Best Ogba, approached her.

Though she was a primary member at the Ondo Branch, Queen worked across states, introducing the company to many prospective customers. 

By 2020, Queen had garnered a total of over 500 clients.

Feedwellpeople allegedly assists the poor by providing foodstuff worth N767 to new members and a bonus of N1050 to a referer.

Moving from one stage to another requires you to complete a matrix for that stage. For instance: leaving the starter Stage requires that you refer three people directly, and subsequent steps require that 12 of your "Downlines" from your previous stage meet you in your current stage to complete that stages' matrix and get the bonus

A participant is paid N10,000 if three people are introduced. 


Queen met Ogba at a tough time in her life. She had debts, and the director cleared the debt and urged her to work for the company.

She, at a time, was homeless and, with the consent of the company, used the office as a temporary domicile. 

The problem started when the rent of the office came to an end, and the company directed Queen to return the key to enable them to renew the office.

However, Queen told Standard Gazette that she found out the office was being shut down and about 24 chairs were being sold.

Not knowing what was happening, Queen kept the chairs worth N24,000. When the company reacted, she approached her boss to buy it off but was rejected.

She had been given an ultimatum to return the chairs on or before 15 October 2021, and a few hours later, she received a tip from a close friend that her information, including her image, was circulating on WhatsApp as a suspect who had stolen company's properties.

The message reads, "Full legal action will be enforced to recover stolen properties. 

"Albert Queen Debby Burgled into Feedwellpeople office and stole company's properties numbering into thousands of Naira. 

"Very authentic information She has been given time to return stolen properties but refused to till date. 

"Feedwellpeople is giving the suspect till 15 October to return all stolen items and equipment to the office or face the full wrath of the law. The public is advised to desist from associating With Albert Queen Debby in connection with Feedwellpeople programme."

At the time she was ousted, Queen was owed over N5 million Naira. She had barely collected her bonus as her boss, Ogba, had assured her that she would make more money once she got to the top.

She shoved her bonuses right back at the company in the belief it would be worth the while once the big pay arose. 

When she realized she was being ousted, her accounts had already been frozen, and her boss, Ogba, had started withdrawing her money. 

Queen told SG that "He helped me pay some downlines who were asking for their money, and he added it to my debt. See, I can't even say this is the amount, and when I ask, the LL says I should continue working and concentrate."

When asked if he knew Queen invested her bonuses into the company, Ogba said, "No one cajoled, pressured Queen or forced Queen. Besides, Queen is not the only person involved in the programme."

Ogba confirmed that Queen used her bonuses to open more accounts, but when asked if she was paid before she was ousted, Mr Ogba dodged the questions.

Feedwellpeople alleged that Queen used dubious marketing strategies to woo and register members within the two years of membership. 

When asked if Queen was fired for such behaviour, Mr Ogba said, "we don't fire our members, ever."

Mr Ogba's statement contradicts Queen's current position as she is fired without explanation. 

The company denied taking advantage of Queen even after admitting that "she knew what she was getting into, she entered willingly." 

A day after our investigation, Mr Ogba engineered another quick statement informing his members that the issue had been resolved. 

He claimed someone called him on behalf of Queen to assure that the chairs would be returned. 

"Someone called yesterday that has spoken with Queen. That Queen agreed to end the case and to return the properties to the office that we should close the case.

We agreed."

Below is the alleged resolution message.

"We earlier informed you of an unfortunate situation that happened in Feedwellpeople office Ondo State and Albert Queen Debby's involvement. 

"Feedwellpeople has retracted its statement as peaceful resolution has been reached between both parties after the intervention of some concerned Nigerians and NGO's. 

"As our policy states which all participants are obliged, the publication is limited only to members of Feedwellpeople. 

"Now that a peaceful resolution has been reached, kindly delete all contents in your possession regarding alleged stealing. Feedwellpeople henceforth distances itself from such contents. Thank you for your usual cooperation. JUDITH UGO SN/LHD FEEDWELLPEOPLE"

Queen had confirmed to SG that she was never involved in such a resolution as the company had not called her.

For a company that provides food to helpless people, Feedwellpeople has made Queen penniless and homeless with millions of bonuses stolen.

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