See the number of Nigerian Doctors who traveled to the UK since 2015

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Since President Muhammadu Buhari’s took office in 2015, no fewer than 6,068 medical professionals have emigrated to the United Kingdom. This is according to a report monitored by The Punch.

The General Medical Council of the UK reported that as of August 30, 2022, there were 10,096 doctors who had received their medical training in Nigeria and had immigrated to the UK.

The data does not include Nigerian doctors who earned their medical degrees from institutions outside of the nation.

DSS Disperse Doctors On Strike In Saudi Arabia Recruitment
DSS Disperse Doctors On Strike In Saudi Arabia Recruitment

233 Nigerian doctors were found to have passed the test to work in the UK in 2015, according to the data. In 2016, the number rose to 279, and in 2017, it reached 475.

The number increased to 852 in 2018 and then to 1,347 in 2019.

Despite the GMC ceasing operations during the COVID-19 epidemic, the number was 833 in 2020.

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