Sienna car with dead couple: how both of them died

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In the Bariga area of Lagos State, a contractor, Hakeem Oladimeji, allegedly committed suicide after killing his yet-to-be-identified girlfriend.

Couple found dead in Sienna Car
Couple found dead in Sienna Car

Oladimeji, who lived in Ogun State, was at a rented apartment in Bariga with his girlfriend when they got into a disagreement.

The argument allegedly escalated into a brawl, during which Oladimeji lunged for a stick and struck her in the head.

The lady collapsed and died on the spot, according to reports.

Oladimeji reportedly carried her lifeless body, threw it inside his Toyota Sienna, and drove to his home in Ogun State to avoid getting detained.

It was the Sienna car that was spotted along Lagos-Ibadan expressway yesterday (Wednesday). Oladimeji wrote his wife that he had killed someone and that no one should look for him.

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