Sowore’s Rearrest Video Meant To Cause Disrepute To The Agency, Says DSS

The Department of State Services (DSS) says the video in circulation about the rearrest of Omoyele Sowore was stage-managed by his followers.

The Agency Public Relations Officer (PRO) Dr Peter Afunanya said this in Abuja on Sunday in a statement.

Afunanya said the video was designed to bring the agency to disrepute.

DSS operatives
DSS operatives

He said his response was necessary as the video led to misinformation being circulated in the media.

The DSS had arrested the convener of the RevolutionNow at the Federal High Court Premises on Friday a day after his release.

Sowore spent 124 days in the DSS detention until the judge, Chioma Ojuwku gave the DSS 24 hours ultimatum to release him.

Afunanya said Sowore’s counsel, Femi Falana had drawn the judge’s attention to the plan by the DSS to rearrest his client.

He said the court disbelieved him, reminding that the agency was law-abiding and could not engage in such an act.

The PRO said the court, therefore, adjourned the case to February 2020.

He said Sowore sighted the DSS agents within the premises and ran back into the courtroom.

“In a bid to shield him from an imaginary arrest, his uncontrollable supporters mobbed him while chanting “you can’t arrest him”, thus the pandemonium that ensued.

“A critical look at the videos in circulation would convince any objective viewer that there was no DSS personnel during the entire period Sowore crowd acted out its orchestrated drama.

DSS personnel were never, at any time, involved in the incident. In actual fact, it was his people who seized him,” he said.

Afunanya said after the peaceful adjournment of the case, Sowore’s fans in the courtroom went crazy on the suspicion that the agencies were at the premises.

He claimed that Sowore was never arrested inside the court but outside, adding that his lawyer had affirmed it.

The PRO said the DSS has respect for the judge whose ultimatum it unconditionally obeyed and could not have invaded her courtroom.

He stressed that the DSS respect the judiciary and would continue to do so for national peace and public safety.

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