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Strange: Suspected rapist drags victim to court


In Katsina, northwestern Nigeria, a rape accused has turned an accuser.

The suspected rapist, Alhaji Mu’awiyah Sabe, sued his alleged victim, a 20-year-old woman to a Shariah Court for alleged defamation of character.

Counsel to the defendant, Malam Kabiru Yanlilo, said that his client was impregnated by the complainant, after raping her in his residence at Ambassador Quarters, Kaita Road in the town.

Yanlilo said that the act was committed about three months ago.

He said that the suspect was his client’s suitor and that they were about to get married when the offence was committed.

‘’He invited my client to his house to meet his wife but on reaching the house, she observed that there was no woman inside.

“He told her that his wife went to their neighbour’s compound for weaving. He even used his phone to call a woman, whom he said was his wife and asked my client to speak with her.

“The woman asked her to wait for a while as she was on her way back home,” he said.

Yanlilo added that, while his client was waiting, he asked her to eat a piece of meat and drink fruit juice.

He said that initially, his client refused to take the drink but because of his insistence, she ate the meat and drank the juice.

Yanlilo said that shortly after she took the piece of meat and drank the juice, his client became unconscious and Sabe raped her.

He added that after she regained consciousness, the lady saw Sabe sitting beside her and smoking cigarette.

Yanlilo said Sabe gave the woman N500 and asked her to go home.

Following the incident, she missed her menstruation and when she informed him, he said that he would do something about it, Yanlilo said.

He said that after about two months, Sabe dragged “my client to court for allegedly accusing him of being responsible for the pregnancy’’.

The case would come up on May 9 for mention.


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