Suspected Armed Robbers Using Commercial Taxi To Rob Innocent Passengers In Benin

Report just coming in now says some suspected armed robbers are currently operating in Benin city Edo state capital with a taxi colour Audi 80 car.

Their modus operandi is to pose as genuine passengers inside the taxi car where they would then rob other unsuspecting passengers.

An investigation by standard Gazzette crime correspondent Festus Alenkhe reveals that the driver and the fake passengers who are all suspected armed robbers in the Taxi car have no specific route.

But one of the female victims was attacked at about 6 PM on Sunday 24 January 2021.

According to the report, the young girl identified as Miss Courage Alaboka entered the Taxi at Aduwawa in ikpoba hill heading towards the kings square in Benin city.

At the point of entry was a female passenger at the front seat and another Male at the back seat.

The moment they got to Ramat park in the Edo state capital, another Male passenger joined the taxi holding a car tyre where the young girl was now placed at the middle of the back seat.

Later in the journey, the girl realised that they were all armed robbers due to the way they were talking.

The man holding the tyre then used it to block her view and pushed her deeper into the middle at the back seat.

As they approached Temboga junction in Benin city, the female passenger in the front seat was said to have told their victim this ” Do you want injury before you surrender everything on you, or would you release them without any blood on your body?”.

The men in the taxi immediately brandished guns while the female gang member brought out a kitchen knife.

She was successfully robbed and thrown out of the moving car.

The hoodlums collected her mobile phones, Bag, cash and other personal items while they continued their journey towards the kings square in Benin city.

Miss Courage Alaboka told Standard Gazette that: “I entered the taxi freely because l saw a female inside the car but unknown to me that she is also one of the armed robbers”.

She called on the police to use their security network to track the suspected armed robbers as a lot of persons must have been attacked by them.

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