The Hatred Against the British Monarchy is Unnecessary

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Many black folks like this Nigerian-born Professor in the US, Uju Anya, and several others in the West are spilling a lot of hatred after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, the British engaged in the slavery and colonization of countries and committed many atrocities, just like France, Belgium, and Portugal.

However, it is self-evident that no tribe or race can be absolved of an inglorious past. The history of humanity has been accompanied by wars, servitude, conquest, slavery, and barbarism from Africa to Europe, Asia, Arabs, and South America. China almost faced annihilation from Japan; even Europeans had inter-ethnic wars leading to the extinction of 3 tribes out of 10.

New Zealand, Australia, Koreans, Oh, the Israelites, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Iran, Iraq, Africans, etc., have all had a history of victimhood or villains, oppressor-oppressed, enslaved people, and slave masters.

images 19 1 The Hatred Against the British Monarchy is Unnecessary

So, what changed? Although many nations have moved on, many, especially black folks, are still holding on to the pains of history, teaching their children Critical Race Theory, which is rooted in hatred and unforgiveness and revenge, rather than in love, progress, and unity.

If history is thought to make people mad, it cannot lead to progress and unity. Any foundation laid on ill feelings, pointing out what others had done, has not healed and cannot produce positive results. Imagine calling your children to inform them what people did to you in the past; if it is not to caution them not to do the same, what result do you want it to bring? What seed are you planting in their hearts?

The Western world today has given blacks a voice more than anywhere else. Imagine a Black woman who left Nigeria to teach in a prestigious university in the US talking about being oppressed, writhing in pain, and saying someone should die in excruciating pain; it also baffles me that her tweet had thousands of likes and retweets - Incredible.

The Critical Race Theory will cause further division, suspicions, and more racism in the West. If you don't like your "oppressors," come back home to Nigeria or go back to the country of your ancestors. Come and start teaching in Lautech or Unilag and face the Federal Government with ASUU. Maybe you'll know the meaning of oppression.

You cannot seek to fight racism while the same black folks are doing the same. Attacking anything White. If a White person had said these things against a Black, there would have been an outrage.

The real oppression will soon come from oppressive regimes in China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran if the West becomes divided and this hatred spills further.

What have Africans done with ruling themselves? If the British had raped Africa, what would you say about raping our fellow people in every facet of society? How do you even study history to hate? Were our ancestors not complicit during slavery too? Who were the merchants?

I will not hold on to the past but will capitalize on today's freedom to chart a course for a greater tomorrow. I can not judge the past because I was not there, but I can leap forward to a glorious tomorrow, in which I learn not to repeat the barbarism of the past and not hold on to other people's actions for which I'm not accountable.

Let love lead. Nelson Mandela made sure he united South Africa despite the atrocities of the Apartheid regime. Blacks and whites played rugby together and did not start his government by spilling hatred. The liberals in the West are moving towards a repeat of the past they detest by threading the same path that led to old divisions. This is dangerous, and blacks will suffer for it if it backfires. Do you think the oyinbo People will wait for you to gaslight them continually?

Let us preach love and act it. We are not accountable for people's past actions, but we will be responsible for how we react and the path we tread today.

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