The real World War 3 is going to happen if families are mandated to do this – Reno Omokri

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Reno Omokri, a well-known Nigerian social pundit, appears to have underestimated the gravity of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Reno, the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine should not yet be referred to as World War 3.

He went on to say that if all of the first-born sons had their DNA tested, a real World War 3 would break out.

“I just laugh at Nigerians that are calling this Russia-Ukraine conflict World War 3.

If you really want to see the real World War 3, let every firstborn child of all Nigerian marriages be DNA tested.

The result of the DNA tests will result in World War 3 that Nigerians are talking about.

But seriously, as Black Africans, let us learn to put things into proper perspective. Not into CNN perspective. Don’t elevate a regional conflict into a global conflict. The Russia-Ukraine war is not a World War.”

He noted that the Ethiopian-Tigray war, which has killed 150,000 people, is what Africans should, in fact, pay more attention to.

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