The US is every nigerian's dream, Abba Kyari is not Interested: Is this not a spell?

fbi scaled abba kyari 1000x600 1 The US is every nigerian's dream, Abba Kyari is not Interested: Is this not a spell?

Nigerians spend a fortune on traveling overseas. From Dubai to Paris, to the US, UK, Canada and other countries where there are better standards of living, Nigerians desire to travel. Even Mr President, Muhammadu Buhari is a regular visitor to the UK. He loves UK because their medical services are better than that of Aso Rock.

So, why would 'Super Cop' Abba Kyari reject the offer to go over to the US free of charge? No Visa application fees, no hustle to get relevant documents.

The hustle in Nigeria is real and Police officers cannot withstand the temptation of venturing into other jobs such as becoming an affiliate marketer of a brilliant fashion designer that even the Gucci man, Abbas, 'Hushpuppi' could not but engage his services.

Wouldn't it be nice of Abba Kyari to showcase the best of Nigeria's 'ankara' wears and 'babariga' gowns to the FBI? Those guys would be so proud to add 'aso oke' to their uniforms. Abba Why?

Why would Abba take this once in a lifetime opportunity for granted? Haba! Abba. Is it that sure for you? Oh, you mean its common US! Their invitation could have at least made you show them how the technology of the Nigerian Police department is likened to the aliens. It can unravel the mysteries behind the death of a burnt man by making him narrate what happened. Even EndSars victims could play the video of how they died in your hands and under your watch.

Don't fall our hands Abba, you have to go and represent your men. Be nice because many will hear how you rejected going to the same US they wanted to go and they might just cry. Indeed, this life no balance at all. Abba, carry your bag and go. Gigo you must go. The spell on you will not work.

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