THISDAY Foreign Editor, Ohia, Found Dead in His Car

Mr. Paul Ohia, Thisday Foreign and Diplomatic Editor, was found dead yesterday October 22nd in his official car, a white Kia Optima along Marine Road, Apapa, Lagos.

According to eyewitness reports, the deceased had parked his car for several hours by the side of the road, which aroused the suspicion of passersby, prompting them to move closer to check on him.

The eyewitnesses said the deceased had reclined the driver’s seat and lay on it as if he was sleeping; until they opened the car doors to find out that he was motionless and lifeless.

The sympathisers who noticed the THISDAY sticker on the windshield of the car, called THISDAY office, informing of the tragic incident. THISDAY management in turn called the police from Area B Command, who arrived the spot to meet THISDAY Editors – Messrs Collins Edomaruse and Olawale Olaleye. They moved the body to Lagoon Hospital in Apapa where he was confirmed dead.

Although, the hospital said an autopsy would determine the actual cause of death, the medical doctor on duty said the deceased might have died of cardiac arrest.
Until his death, Ohia, was a husband and a father of two boys, was a core humanist who believed in justice and equality.

He took life so simple that he believed acquiring property or pursuing wealth is a sheer waste of time.




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