Top Nigerian soldier nabbed as Boko Haram member, provides info to sect

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FB IMG 1651127299736 Top Nigerian soldier nabbed as Boko Haram member, provides info to sect

L/Cpl Jibrin is an instructor with his Army Battalion in Geidam, who disappeared for about 2 days. He was very popular with his colleagues and well liked by his colleagues because of his known competence.

He was however sighted among the Boko Haram Terrorists, that attacked Geidam last Sunday.

The Battalion CO tracked his phone and he was pinpointed at a point in Gashua, hundreds of kilometers from his supposed duty post.

The Army authorities in Gashua was intimated and the soldiers spread their dragnets. Yesterday, Tuesday morning, L/Cpl Jibrin boarded a bus to Gombe and disguised himself but was identified and nabbed at the checkpoint in Gashua.

He was handcuffed and on interrogation revealed so many things. On transit to Geidam, Jibrin employed his skills as a weapon instructor, snatched a gun from one of his escorts, over powered the other and blew himself up.

His revelations however led to the arrest of some of his terror-brethren, while many are believed to be among the troops in both Gombe and Geidam Battalions.

Real problems already reside with and among our defenders and our military faces a lot of internal threats.

This was the end of a brilliant soldier who was an asset to the Army until he got switched. He was even in the Intelligence Corps of the NA before becoming a weapons instructor. L/Cpl Jibrin was a Babur from Biu .

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