Two ways to identify that a religious leader is fake (cult leaders)

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Of course, "by their fruits you shall know them", so the scriptures say. If we must know them, we can read their writings, their ways of life, witnesses written about them and agreed upon by the majority. In all of history, two things can be used to identify cult leaders who claim to be sent by God as messengers to the people or humanity.


Two things are common to ALL of them that makes them fake;


Oh my! They really love sex and women. They can easily grab any woman, either married, virgin, old, young, even minors are not spared. They are swift to inform their followers that God has granted them the permission to fire on and possess their possession (women) as a reward from above if they so wish. Their appetite for sex is only matched by their charisma and ability to control others into submission.

Since they possess the capacity to brainwash their followers, their followers easily submit and allow them to have their way as though, it was the will of God. Women and sexual escapades are what you should look out for. If you can find it, you can spot a Fake


To these religious leaders and founders, they are more concerned about earthly domination through economic and political means. In history, when they go to war, there's a percentage that must be given to them. Why? They always have a special privilege above others. They are not servant leaders even though, they may be saying it. It is their life and what is written about them that testifies against them. They are covetous and money is their reward for being "God's servant".


We must pray, preach and open our eyes to the deceit in what they believe to be true. "How can they be saved if there's no preacher?". Unless the spiritual veil is removed from people's eyes, they won't see the rot and the disgusting life of the man they so much revere and love. It is deep.

Secondly, I have also discovered that many religious folks don't ask questions and when they do, they are silenced into obedience. A lot don't even study personally the life of the founder of that religion and see for themselves how a supposed servant of God can do such disgusting things, so nauseating by any moral standards. A man of conscience should never do that not to talk of someone who professes to be ordained by God.

Unfortunately, adherents are afraid to speak or they soil their conscience and look away. What a pity.

The salvation and eternity destination of their followers (even if they are 5 billion) is hanging in a balance because when we all die, you can't imagine how that sinful man can be a mouthpiece and an advocate for you in heaven. God is holy, fair, pure and just. A corrupt person can never come to equity with clean hands.

That founder of your religious movement will stand for his own numerous sins and so will you stand for yours. Are there going to be shocked in heaven? Definitely, because people have been deceived and never paid attention.

If you can humble yourself, the veil of religion will be removed and you will become free indeed, able to discern and turn away from religions and cult leaders who presented themselves as God's servant and a way to God. Don't ignore the two indicators.

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