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UBTH Makes Clarification, Dispel Rumours Of COVID-19 Death

  • He is lying, says Anonymous Govt Official

The University of Benin Teaching Hospital, (UBTH), says, the rumour making the rounds on social media and other media network services over the claim of three confirmed cases of COVID-19 should be disregarded.

In a widely rumoured report, not more than 25 doctors were said to be on self-isolation in UBTH after 3 patients tested positive for COVID-19.


The reports added that the coronavirus crisis started when three patients who initially tested negative for COVID-19 were re-tested with the results reportedly showing positive.

The reports, however, created Palpable fear and apprehension among staffers and management of the University of Benin teaching hospital, (UBTH), and members of the society over the perceived spreads in Edo state.

In a recent update and clarification made available to Naija Center News by Dr Benson Okwara, Head Rapid Response Team, UBTH, Benin, urged all to dispel it as they were rumours he claimed, capable of creating unnecessary unrest.

According to him, “two patients were admitted into the male medical ward (Block A1), via medical on Monday, March 30, 2020. The first patient was a 35-year-old male clergyman whose initial diagnosis was CKD secondary to CGN, in uraemic encephalopathy for which he received a session of haemodialysis.”

Continuing, he noted that, subsequently, the man became feverish, whilst, coughing and also had difficulty with breathing, a situation suspicious for COVID-19 pandemic.

“The first patient was a 35-year-old male (clergyman) whose initial diagnosis; was CKD secondary to CGN in uraemic encephalopathy for which he received a session of haemodialysis. Subsequently, with the presence of fever, cough and difficulty with breathing, a suspicion of COVID-19 were made.

“The 2nd patient is a 45-year-male who presented with fever, cough and shortness of breath. An initial diagnosis of atypical pneumonia and suspected COVID-19 was made,” he quipped

Dr Okwara stated that Both patients who were reviewed for COVID-19 had managing team informed that, both patients did not meet the case definition for the suspected pandemic disease.

However, “to give both patients the opportunity of getting the needed care, he explained that, samples were taken in the morning of Tuesday, March 31, for PCR and sent to ISTH immediately.

For ultimate precaution, the patients were moved to ward C2 following sample collection, but unfortunately, the patient with renal disease succumbed to his illness on Tuesday night MARCH, 31st 2020.”

Painfully, the PCR results of both patients returned the morning of the 2nd April 2020 as negative,” he said.

Okwara pointed out that, the patient with atypical pneumonia has been moved back toward A1 and the respiratory team is continuing with patient care.

Dr Okwara who frowned at the spread of the wrong information said, “This is to dispel rumours making the rounds that UBTH has confirmed COVID-19 patients and such rumours even started before the samples were taken and sent to ISTH”.

He maintained that it was pertinent to clarify here that, adequate and proper history taking of patients particularly those with respiratory symptoms in addition to using criteria for case definition is very key so as not to unduly/wrongly label patients as COVID-19 suspects.

He advocated for Standard IPC procedures and appropriate use of PPES at all times for all patients.

In another Conflicting and more dramatic turn, a high-level government official who pleaded anonymity to NAIJA Center News, said, the true position was far from the update and Clarification given in connection to the incidence.

The Anonymous person asked, “was death not recorded there? Don’t mind him. He is lying and should not be taken seriously. As I speak with you the authority has embarked on Contact tracing. He may have done that to douse a perceived tension”.

As the time of filing this report, Nigeria has recorded ten new cases of Coronavirus, as per Nigeria Centre for Disease Control of Sunday morning.

With the new development, Nigeria has risen in cases of the Pandemic disease making a total of 224 confirmed cases, as 27 discharged and five death recorded.

Edo State has also moved up to Nine cases as Confirmed by Center for Disease Control, NCDC.