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Virgin school girl gang-raped to coma in Lagos; suspects abandon victim in pool of blood – POLICE

Police operatives in Lagos have arrested three persons and declared one other wanted for allegedly gang raping a girl to a state of coma. The young girl, simply identified as Vivian, is battling with death in a private hospital in Ikorodu area of the state.

Secondary school girl rapedCrime Watch gathered that the 15-year-old secondary school girl had gone to collect lesson notes from her colleague, Tabiola.

Tabiola was alleged to have lured her to a place where three others were waiting to devour her virginity.

A police source told Crime Watch that as soon as Tabiola walked in with Vivian, the suspects locked her inside a room where they forcefully stripped her naked.

According to the senior police officer, the girl was gang raped and was abandoned unconscious in the pool of her own blood.

The police officer, who gave the names of the three suspects as Yusuf, Rasheed, Oyedepo said, “When it dawned on the suspects that the girl was unconscious, they abandoned her in the pool of her blood where she would be seen and fled from the community. I believe that the evil guys did not expect the girl to survive.

“Anyway, as the case is, it will take the grace of God and good medical attention for the girl to survive and be normal again. Her pelvic, according to doctor’s report, has been so battered. She was badly injured and she lost too much blood. More so, the girl was a virgin and was forcefully deflowered. I feel for her because she is so devastated and psychologically traumatised.”

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Ngozi Braide who confirmed the story told Crime Watch that the victim is a Secondary school girl. “She was lured to the place where she was gang raped by four men. She is presently recuperating in a private hospital.

Her condition was very bad as she was abandoned unconscious in the pool of her own blood.

“We have arrested three suspects and one other is still at large but we have declared man hunt for the fleeing suspect.”

She warned young girls to be wary of the male friends they keep as friends as some of them may be worse than beasts. “Don’t visit your male friends alone and even when you go in company, don’t follow your male friends inside the house or a secluded areas,” she advised.

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