When We Should Expect A Return to Normal – Bill Gates

Billionnaire, Bill Gates called the rapid development of vaccines “a miracle” that should help Americans and indeed countries across the world return to an “almost-normal” way of life as early as fall but also warned that politicians especially in the US aren’t doing enough on the global stage to usher in a full return-to-normal before the end of next year.

The 65-year-old said that autumn should bring about some normalcy for Americans with “basically every school back in session,” some level of occupancy in restaurants and sporting events all once again taking place.

Bill Gate
Bill Gates

“The big problem is that we’re not doing enough to end the pandemic globally,” Gates warned, while speaking with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Sunday adding that vaccines thus far are “just going to rich countries,” which leaves the risk that contagious variants could spread abroad and creep back into the United States.

That risk–compounded by the potential wave of reinfections–means a full return to normal “could take all of 2022 unless we do a better job,” Gates said.

“Additional vaccine factories in nations like India could help curtail the risk of infection abroad and bring about a quicker return to normalcy, Gates suggested, pointing to vaccine-makers AstraZeneca, NovaVax and Johnson & Johnson that are already working on such projects,” the Microsoft founder stated.

With over 510,000 dead so far, experts are warning against relaxing regulations too soon.

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