Who Are The ‘Unknown Gunmen?’ IPOB Reacts

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has reacted to the insinuations that its members are the marauding ‘unknown gunmen’ committing violent crimes in the South East.

Eastern Security Network, ESN
Eastern Security Network, ESN

In a statement by IPOB spokesperson Emma Powerful to reporters on Thursday, the separatist group also denied the claim by security forces that it has so far murdered 128 security personnel in Imo.

Powerful noted that the narrative peddled by Police authorities in the state is baseless and lacks any iota of truth. ‘How could IPOB that is not armed be able to kill as many as 128 security personnel in one state. What an illogical and ridiculous claim,’ he said.

‘This is nothing but one of the antics of our oppressors to tarnish our global reputation and whip up public sympathy. They also want to use it as a smoke screen to justify their further crackdown on IPOB and its members,’ Powerful claimed.

The IPOB spokesperson distanced the group from ‘unknown gunmen’ and stated that its members should not be held responsible for the activities of a group not commissioned by them.

In the meantime, President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated his administration’s commitment to root out IPOB, saying the secessionist group is like “a dot in a circle, they will be defeated.”

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