Why Access Bank Is Trending For The Wrong Reasons

Many Nigerians have continued to voice their displeasure over alleged poor customer service and heavy deductions from major banks in the country.

Access Bank, which is one of the leading financial institutions in the country has also been called out even as the hashtag #AccessBankAtItAgain reveals the many complaints by bank customers.

According to Twitter user @Ayobamidalee, he alleged that despite having withdrawn all his money, he’s still being deducted charges. “I stop using access bank because they deduct my money for no reason, I stop using access bank since November January see the message you access bank send me… the funniest part is that I don’t have their card.”

Statementfrom bank indicating penal charges

Another user, @santoslavezzi, also lamented the lack of quick response to inquiries from the bank.

“October last year Access bank debit me 17,000 for no good reason I sent them text messages but no response I went to their customer care they said I should come back next year till now my 17k never return @myaccessbank @DiamondBankHelp @myaccessbank Respond! #AccessBankAtItAgain.

However, it is very evident that most Nigerians may not also be aware of hydra-headed and sometimes confusing regulations guiding banking institutions in the country.

Majority of the complaints especially on bank charges, SMS fees, card maintenance and many more are not known by Nigerians.

This has also created room for arbitrary deductions and non-challance by most financial institutions in Nigeria.

Today its Access Bank getting the banther online, tomorrow its going to be another. A good PR strategy is needed to attend to several issues and win customer confidence.

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