Why Bandits Slaughtered 50 People – Buhari

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has expressed sadness over the latest bandit attack in Kaduna State.

Bandit killed over 50 people in Kaduna State in Karawa, Zareyawa and Minda in Kaduna State on Sunday.

Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari

The gunmen killed worshippers as they left a mosque for morning prayers before killing residents, burning houses and looting properties.

Aljazeera quoted a legislator in the Nigerian parliament, Zayyad Ibrahim as saying that “So far 50 bodies have been recovered but the figure is not conclusive and is very likely to rise as rescue efforts are still under way.”

“So far 50 bodies have been recovered but the figure is not conclusive and is very likely to rise as rescue efforts are still underway,” said Zayyad Ibrahim, a legislator in the Nigerian parliament.

The senator said the bandits slaughtered the villagers as a retaliation for the villagers assisting the military onslaught against their operations and hideouts.

“The bandits accused residents from the targeted villages of providing information about their hideouts to the military,” said Kerawa. “We buried 51 victims yesterday.”

Buhari confirmed the senator’s statement that the bandits are unleashing their fury and frustration on the villagers because of the ongoing military and police offensive against them in the Birnin Gwari and Kaduru forests.

The President assured that he would not allow the criminals to blackmail his administration into abandoning the current military operation.

He assured the people that the military would maintain the current tempo in clearing out the criminals, adding that “this government would continue to deploy all available resources to fight these cold-hearted bandits with a view to bringing them to their knees.

“These criminals should make no mistake that they can establish a reign of terror on the people without feeling the full might of the government which was elected to protect the citizens.

“The President, while expressing profound commiserations to the victims of this heinous attack in Kaduna State, sent a strong warning to the killers:

“The criminals cannot be lucky always; we are determined to frustrate and defeat them, and no matter how long they run or where they hide, they would be smoked out and brought to justice.”

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