Why FG could ban online platforms again

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The federal government has instructed interactive internet platforms including Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to ensure that they immediately remove, restrict, or prevent access to any non-consensual content that depicts partial or full nudity, sexual acts, deep fake, or revenge porn.

The recently announced Code of Practice for Interactive Computer Service Platforms/Internet Intermediaries contains this directive (online platforms).

According to the document, these online platforms have to “act expeditiously to remove, disable, or block access to non-consensual content that exposes a person’s private areas, full or partial nudity, sexual act, or revenge porn, where such content is targeted to harass, disrepute, or intimidate an individual. A Platform must acknowledge the receipt of the complaint and take down the content within 24 hours.”

The Code of Practice also directs these platforms to take down any unlawful content upon receiving a notice from a user, or an authorised government agency.

The platforms were also asked to exercise due diligence to ensure that no unlawful content is uploaded to their platform.

The issuance of the Code of Practice was announced on Monday by the National Information Technology Development Agency.

With input from websites including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, and Tik Tok, NITDA created the Code of Practice alongside the Nigerian Communications Commission and the National Broadcasting Commission.

Each online platform must have a country representative who will communicate with the Nigerian government, and any platform with more than 100,000 Nigerian users must have an office there.

Other requirements include registering as a legal organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission, paying taxes, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements, and, among other things, delivering on-demand user information.

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