Why the Post is failing, by ex-PDP chair, Alli

Former Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Sen. Ahmadu Alli has identified poor funding performance as the major factor militating against the growth and survival of the Nigerian Postal Service.

Sen. Alli stated this at the weekend during the public presentation of the book “Reforming the Post in Nigeria: The Story of the Nigerian Postal Service”, in Abuja.

Senator Alli stated that the postal sector, especially in the Sub-Sahara Africa is at a critical juncture and is in dire need of good financial standing to attract investment and measure with the global trends.

“It is evident that the postal sector, particularly in Sub-Sahara Africa is caught in a vicious circle of poor financial performance which cause a lack of investment, thereby preventing either improvements in the quality of service or expansion, which generates lower usage of the sector and mail volumes, which further perpetuates the circle,’’ he said.

“If nothing is done, and the status quo is maintained, then it is likely that the sector will continue to erode as competitors and other communications media take over the market.

Rate of progress
“If we are to catch up with the state of postal service in other regions of the world, we would have to see to it that the rate of progress is doubled,’’ he added.

In his remarks, the Post master general of NIPOST, Mr. Mori Baba lamented the absence of efficient laws to propel the ongoing reform in the sector and called on the national assembly to fast-track the passage of the bill currently with them.

Mori Baba who was optimistic about the future of NIPOST dismissed the perception that the advent of social media would hinder the survival of the post.

“Until the last man leaves the earth, the POST will continue to be relevant, because it will continue to receive messages and these messages are such that you cannot receive with the internet. Even though, you think that you can receive them, there are  vital information you needed to have a hard copy.

“Therefore, the post whether you can it the National operator by government or is a private company, it will  continue to remain relevant,’’ he said.

On how the book will enhance the Postal sector, Baba said “history is one thing we have been neglecting. If you want to know your future, probably, you also need to know your past. Therefore, it means that you need to know historically,  what had happened in  the past; the pitfalls, challenges, success and be able to plan your future. That is why this book is relevant to the present transformation NIPOST is undergoing.

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