Are The Talibans The Real Muslims? Are Moderate Muslims Hypocrites?

They are coming for all of us. Can Islam ever be reformed?

Islamic law is visible to all and available, either in Arabic or several other languages, sadly it is incomprehensible to those who claim to follow the teachings of Islam especially in Western democracies, Africa and the Middle East. Taliban takeover of Afghanistan should allow for a retrospective view of Islam in its entirety.

Afghanistan, Muslims

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan shouldn't be a surprise. They are the real Muslims, or are they?. The Shariah law is explicit on governance, the role of women, mode of dressing, stoning, beheading, blasphemy etc.

The superior technology of the West and Christian civilizations are what has tamed Islam in its raw and undiluted form, well, that is what the extremists claim.

Our Moderate Muslim brothers and sisters who seem to castigate the Jihadists' movement and tyrannical Islamic regimes, who follow the Shariah in HD are hypocrites. They enjoy the freedom of association, speech, their girl-child is getting enrolled in school and getting married in a flamboyant wedding. That girl would later contest and vie for political office or become a minister.

They enjoy the comfort of Western civilizations but embrace Islam as a way of life in its diluted form. They deliberately ignore the aspects that don't suit them and adopt others that can make them prosper among infidels. Tell me that's not hypocrisy.

It amazes me that those who have tasted the good life under the present status quo, thanks to Western civilization, will kick against the Taliban, the brotherhood in Egypt, Boko Haram in Nigeria, ISWAP, Al-Queada, Al-Shabab and other Islamic jihadists movement. The truth must be told, these folks are not extremists, they are the real Muslims.

Muslims must sit down with their Quran and Hadiths, read, study and meditate and ask questions from deep down in their hearts. Taliban may just be drawing their attention to what is wrong about their cherished religion. They may choose to act or ignore. They can't be picky and expect the Taliban to be. The idea of recitations and allowing a group of Sheikhs to give interpretations is a great evil in Islam. Humans are given the capacity to think and make sense of what they read, hear or see.

The rate at which the undiluted form of Islam like that of the Taliban can possess a people will depend on the presence of moderate Islam and the similarity of ethnicity or tribe. Afghanistan is a case study of the Similarity Theory. Northern Nigeria for instance, could easily be run over if it were a country on its own. The Islamic group Boko Haram and ISWAP see a predominantly Muslim North that is currently corrupted by the present democratic setup. This means that conditions for ideological infiltration would have been on the ground before a greater awareness and onslaught. There would be no going back as people will then see what they aren't doing which their religion stipulates and consider awakening or reformation.

The growing rate of unemployment will allow these groups to spread quickly. The moderate Muslims are a threat to the so-called "real Islam" and they will seek to kill them as Islam regards them to be enemies of Allah.

It is in this quest for a Sharia state, that the Mujahedeens across the world are taking up arms. They are reading the Quran that other Muslims read too and the contents are not vague.

Islamic Law
Islamic Law

By the way, it is not difficult to comprehend that the Quran commands that a woman must not make eye contact with men? It is clearly stated (you may have to read it yourself).

As Afghans who escape the Taliban settle down in Western countries, they may have to rethink how their religion fuelled their ordeal. Unfortunately, some of these people would still clamour for the same ideological practices that sent them away from their countries in the future, claiming that Islam must be regarded. They want to implement what made them run away from their countries in France, UK, Germany, United States and Europe.

The real Muslims are in the countries they came from. Moderate Islam in Nigeria, Somalia, UAE, the US, Europe, Egypt with its Western influence and borrowed institutions is the corrupt version of Islam. The undiluted mode of governance is the Shariah law without a mix. What is the fault of the Taliban, ISWAP, Al-Queada, Al-Shabab and Boko Haram? They know what the moderates can't accept - fighting for Allah's cause. The real Muslims are coming for us all. It is a perpetual unfortunate reality to the end of days or as long as Islam exists.

Countries, churches, NGOs will have to be much more radical in de-radicalizing people and reaching out to the young as many as possible before they are recruited and ensure access to lethal weapons are blocked. We will not save all but save some. Is the western world doing enough or just concerned about the resources of these countries? It is not a difficult question.

However, if the self-acclaimed real Muslims promise to treat women with respect, won't that defeat the purpose of the jihadist? Are the Tabilans deceiving themselves or the world? The hypocrisy is deafening.

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