Will You Submit Your Phone’s IMEI to NCC? Here’s What You Should Know

The IMEI number has become the new crypto, not because it has any monetary value or a dip. Its trending across the social media space after Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced it will start requiring people to submit their phone ID.

Nigerians have reacted to the news with uncomfortable zeal knowing fully well that the Minister of Science and technology, Isa Pantami, accused of sympathizing with terrorists is still in charge.

What is the IMEI number?

To get the IMEI of your phone, it’s not that difficult, just dial *#06#

The IMEI number is a unique identification number that allows the registration of any mobile device.

All mobile phones comes with its IMEI number which consists of 15 to 17 digits. With your phone’s IMEI number, the operator will be able to issue the authorization for the user to connect the phone to a mobile network.

Each digit of the IMEI number corresponds to specific information:

• The first two digits is used for the identification of the country where the mobile device was manufactured.

• The next six digits correspond to the serial number of the device.

• The lasts digits are used to authenticate the IMEI code as a security key.

What is the IMEI for?

• Device unlocking

Your phone’s IMEI number unlocks your device for use with all mobile networks. The IMEI number is used to unblock your mobile phone so that it works with the network of another mobile phone operator.

Device blocking

Conversely, the IMEI code also allows you to request the blocking of your mobile in the event of theft or loss of the phone to avoid fraudulent use.

When you use the IMEI number to block your smartphone, the device becomes unusable.

Stolen device detection

The IMEI number also allows you to know if a mobile has been stolen. 

Despite the advantage, it can also be a tool by government agencies to silence critics or deliberately sell private information. Nigerians cannot trust the federal government.

With IMEI, your phone can be cloned, people can listen to your calls, track your location and get all your messages. Worse still, your account can be emptied. Can you trust any Nigerian government with such vital information? Its a choice.

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