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Xenophobia: South African Policemen Tortured A Nigerian To Death

South African Policemen have reportedly killed a Nigerian from Enugu State, NAN has reported.

Nigerians in the Durban Point area built barricades with burning tyres and debris.
Nigerians in the Durban Point area built barricades with burning tyres and debris.

Marxell Okoye is from Orji River Local government area in Enugu State, East of Nigeria.

The Vice-President of Nigerian Union of South Africa, Joshua Itua said Okoyo was “tortured to death” at Ladysmith, Kwa-zulu-Natal province on Friday.

Itua said the police illegally forced its way into the apartment of the victim.

He said the Union believes that the policemen tortured the deceased to death because there were “bruise marks and blood all over his body”

“While they were with him, he called to alert other Nigerians but before they could get to his apartment the police had made away with his body. Maxwell’s lifeless body was later seen at the mortuary,” Itua said.

The Union matched to the police station to ask for the details of the incident and the Station Commander of Ladysmith alleged that the police met the deceased foaming as they forced their way into his apartment.

“Police murder inquest has been opened and the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) in Kwa-zulu-Natal province have been informed for a full investigation.

“Our condolence to his family and the Nigerian community in Ladysmith. We call on our government to seriously engage its counterparts in South Africa for investigation and prosecution if not a natural death.

“This is because, according to our leaders who went to the mortuary, there are bruises and blood all over his body, hence, we have every reason to believe that he was tortured to death.

“Our stand as foremost Nigerian organisation in South Africa is that all cases involving the killings of Nigerians should be investigated and prosecuted irrespective the nationality and status of the perpetrators.”

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