Yahoo Boys, Ritual Killings: Why It Will Persist In Southern Nigeria

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The incidence of killing people for ritual purposes in Nigeria especially in the Southern part has become a menace.

It has become so endemic that 17-year-olds kill friends, brothers kill each other and young girls are the number one prey in the hands of these evil people.

Internet fraudsters, "yahoo yahoo", have also joined the metaphysical pursuit for powers in their line of "business."

images 8 1 Yahoo Boys, Ritual Killings: Why It Will Persist In Southern Nigeria
Yahoo Yahoo boys arrested with a corpse

You see, it's not rocket science. As long as we still glorify our traditional institutions as part of our culture and traditions, rituals can never end. In as much as, the currency to attain the heights of metaphysical powers is blood, the custodians of such traditions must always pay their dues.

Who are their clients? Politicians seeking to fortify themselves, police and security officers seeking 'odeshi', that fake cleric Muslim and Christian) seeking power and fame and individuals seeking solutions to their challenges such as inability to bear a child, Poverty and revenge.

It is the society that makes it flourish. An average 'babalawo' is a spiller of blood. The Bible has said it, "the life of a thing is in the blood", (Leviticus 17:4, 11.)

When Yahoo Boys now go to alfas and prophets for substance for prosperity in their business, you know it is finished.

Devil has copied the use of blood for exchange from God. Right from the garden of Eden, where the blood of animals was shed to cover Adam and his wife's nakedness to the time of Abraham and the sacrifice of a lamb, down to the period of Moses and finally the blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of the world.

Custodians of traditional institutions employ this same spiritual currency today as an exchange in the spirit realms. Unfortunately, the demand increases as they engage in it and the quality of blood depends on the knowledge bestowed and the potency of power.

From birds, goats for irapada, ram, skull, day old baby, full-grown woman or Pregnant woman and multiple humans. The devil and his agents have thought men evil knowledge right from Genesis 6 when demons invaded humanity up to the first Babel ( Babylon Gen. 11).

Blood is now in high demand as the quest for power, fame, riches and solutions to problems continue to be demanded.

We just need to be watchful and prayerful that we don't become prey to their blood spilling acts.

Things are happening.

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