‘You can’t kill me’ -Lucky Apostle Suleiman outbursts

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A rather lucky founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Int, Apostle Suleiman, has reacted to his attempted assassination.

Mr. Suleiman landed at Benin airport after successful evangelism in Tanzania. His convoy was attacked around 3 pm, and six people were shot dead.

Mr. Johnson Suleiman and his family escaped unhurt due to the bulletproof vehicle he was in.

A few hours after the attack, a rather lucky Pastor blamed forces trying to kill him after an attempt to tarnish his image through several sex scandals.

The pastor claimed his attack started in 2017 and claimed, “they have done all that and discovered that I am still moving on; they decided to make an attempt on my life.”

Without mentioning names, Apostle Suleiman attributed his sexual scandals and attempts on his life to his enemies who had done everything to destroy him since 2017.

Apostle Suleiman blames his attack on forces he won’t mention

According to the Pastor, “Since 2017, there are certain things that have been happening that I have been quiet about. Even if you are the most careless person on earth, you will not give yourself so much scandal. There are things people don’t know, even though one or two people at the time took advantage of that to come out and say things. They have done all that and discovered that I am still moving on; they decided to make an attempt on my life.

“I just escaped an assassination attempt where seven people were killed. my car was attacked, and they kept spraying it with bullets. My wife and kids were there, in the escort car with the police; they killed the policemen and the people in the escort car behind me. People who did this expect me to come out and mention their names so they can come out and deny it. I won’t do that.

“The truth is this; you can’t kill me. My life is in the hands of God; I am a man of God, and among those who are attacking me, you are building on what you don’t understand. you may have joined the fora because you want to chase cloud, but you don’t know where the fight started,” he added, “you may have joined the fora because you want to chase cloud, but you don’t know where the fight started from.”

Who could Apostle Suleiman be referring to?

Apostle Suleiman, a simple Nigerian preacher, was first accused in March 2013 by a Nigerian woman, Queen Esther, who claimed she had sexual intercourse with the Pastor in 2013.

Queen Esther claimed he was an Usher at one of the Pastor’s church branches when the Overseer enticed her with the promise to fix her spiritual problem. Though the problem was never fixed, Esther claimed the pastor began proposing marriage to her.

She said the affair started between August 2013 to April 2014, but Apostle Suleiman denied it.

As the Pastor struggled to fight Esther off and regain his reputation, a Canadian-based singer, Stephanie Otobo, went public with her alleged affair with the preacher.

Stephanie Otobo
Stephanie Otobo

Stephanie’s accusation was more believable because of her details analysis and photo evidence of the Pastor having a sexual moment with her via a video chat.

Otobo also exposed the scar on the Pastor’s right thigh, a daring indication that she had seen him explicitly. She urged Nigerians to examine one of the photos she had shared, showing the Pastor’s fingernail.

In one of her tweets, she said, “Otobo’s tweet reads: “Oracle of God, van you deny deny this? Your fingernail and the scar on your left thigh? Can you send them too.? Apostle Johnson Suleman, I hail o, Go through the thread and listen to the video if you have any questions. Your answers are right there.”

Before the re-explosion, Stephanie had denied sleeping with the Preacher, claiming she was bribed and encouraged by “prominent politicians” to disparage the self-acclaimed man of God and his ministry. However, she did not mention names, and the Pastor didn’t push further after a purported apology.

Over the years, more people have claimed they have had sexual intercourse with the pastor. One of his accusers, Ifemeludike Chioma Grace, a Nigerian actress, tweeted in 2021 that she had sex with the pastor in 2016.

In her tweet, she claimed she had sex with the Pastor twice. She was gifted with N500,00 in her first encounter with Apostle Johnson Suleiman and later arranged another meeting at an Oriental Hotel in Lagos State.

In her words, ”Dear @lyndaclems, I have to tell the world about that hookup you arranged between @johnson_suleman_official and myself on the 20th November 2016 in a hotel at Ikeja, the apostle secretly gave me his number, and we had a second meeting at oriental hotels Lagos. I’m sorry, my conscience can’t hold it anymore. I encourage you to tell the truth as a mother and a Christian, to put the devil to shame and save millions of souls who have been misled.”

in 2021, Pastor Mike Davids, one of the former pastors of Omega Fire Ministries, accused Apostle Suleiman of sleeping with his wife, Pastor Faith Edeko, in the presence of his daughter at a hotel.

Though Mike apologized for the slander, he maintained that Apostle Suleiman was to blame for the breakup of his marriage with his wife.

Therefore, the video released aftermath of the attack on Apostle Suleiman may be pointing fingers at his slanderers, particularly Stephanie Otobo, who later claimed “she was bribed and encouraged by powerful politicians to tarnish his image.

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