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$1bn To Fight Boko Haram: Don’t do father Christmas with Edo money – PDP tells Obaseki

The Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has asked the state government and the governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki not to donate state share or part of the Excess Crude Amount to the Federal government.

$1bn To Fight Boko Haram: Don't do father Christmas with Edo money - PDP tells Obaseki

The party in a statement made available to NAIJA CENTER NEWS by the state Publicity Secretary, Mr. Chris Nehikhare, was referring to the $1bn the federal government is planning to withdraw from the Excess Crude Account to fight the Boko Haram terrorists.

The PDP warned that giving such a concent may further increase the difficulty in meeting most of the state’s financial obligations, adding that many contractors were yet to be paid and pensioners were owed months of gratuities.

The party secretary described the All Progressives Congress-led government as crooks colony, adding that the money the governor willingly gave to the federal government belonged to the people and not the All Progressives Congress.

Nehikhare added that “It is an open secret that EDSG is having great difficulty in meeting most of its financial obligations. Contractors are owed and paid with a system that has left the governor to be mockingly referred to ” as governor pay small small (PSS)”, pensioners are owed months of pensions and gratuities and the state has no money to equip the “5 star” central hospital commissioned by the president over a year ago. Only a few months ago or so, we saw disturbing videos of our governor lamenting at the point of tears, the state of federal roads in Edo state, especially the Benin-Ekpoma-Auchi road. He revealed how he has written and visited the minister of works on the matter severally.

“As a result of the inaction and lack of response, he was forced to conclude that “NO BODY CARES”! EDSG needs money for education, for our schools, as the pittance referred to as subventions are grossly inadequate and a morale buster! After nine years of APC government, in the whole of Edo state, we have only one firefighting vehicle for the ill-equipped, unfunded and totally neglected fire brigade.

“The state police command needs vehicles, communications gadgets and a decent welfare package for the gallant officers and men that stay awake so we can sleep well. Instead of this thankless donation to the Federal Government, we suggest you utilize our share on this shortlists above!

“We advice our Governor not to be swayed by political consideration or leaning as he is answerable to his constituents, Edo people and not APC or President Buhari. Governor Obaseki should also not see this as a quid quo pro arrangement as a result of the FG approving Paris club refund for him. The Paris club refund belongs to the state and not the federal government or president Buhari. It’s Edo states entitlement.

“We noticed the difficulty you experienced in trying to explain why you were giving out $1b that didn’t belong to you. If you couldn’t say no because you were in their “Ship”, you can now!

“The Christmas season doesn’t qualify you, Governor Obaseki, to do Father Christmas with Edo State money!”

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