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2015: Lamido, Amaechi Posters Flood Kaduna Streets

Barely 48 hours after the North West zone of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) held a reconciliatory meeting in Kaduna, posters of the Jigawa State Governor, Sule Lamido for 2015 presidency flooded Kaduna streets with his Rivers State counterpart, Rotimi Amaechi as running mate.

Lamido was reported to be absent at the North West meeting last Saturday. Most streets linking Kaduna South and North of the metropolis were splashed with the posters. Daily Sun observed the posters were conspicuous at the popular Ahmadu Bello Stadium Roundabout and on public structures, such as billboards, fences and poles in the metropolis.

It was also observed that some commercial motorcyclists and passersby momentarily stopped and gazed at the posters with keen admiration, with most of them saying in Hausa language that God should spare the lives of Lamido and Amaechi till the election year. “Sai Lamido, Sai Lamido, Sai Lamido (it must be Lamido for presidency),” they shouted.

Sources in Kaduna volunteered that the appearance of the posters hours after the North-West meeting has cast a pall of failure on the reconciliatory effort led by PDP chairman. Contacted for comments on the posters, Chief Press Secretary to the Rivers State Governor, David Iyofor denied involvement of the governor with 2015 election and posters.

“We are not aware of any such posters. We didn’t ask anybody to paste posters in Kaduna or elsewhere,” Iyofor said.

According to him, mischief-makers determined to ridicule the two governors werebehind the posters, as the Rivers governor had not indicated any interest to contest the presidential race.

Also reacting, the Director of Press Affairs to the Jigawa governor, Umar Kyari Jitau told Daily Sun that they knew nothing about the posters.

According to him: “You are in Kaduna I am in Dutse, if you have said you found the posters in Dutse, we may as well want to begin to investigate those behind it. But Kaduna, honestly we don’t know anything about it and in fact you are the one telling me about it. I have not seen it,” Kyari said


Source: The Sun