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APC Begs Amaechi, Others to Join The Progressive

By Ehi Ekhator

All progressive congress, APC today held a political rally in Rivers State despite the previous challenges.

The party begged the people of Rivers State to join APC as it is the party of the moment.

The interim chairman of the party, Mr. Bisi Akande, Bola Tinubu, the former military head of state, Gen. Buhari were all present at the rally.

According to Mr. Akande, APC is the party of the moment, party of the courageous, and party for the fighters for democracy.

His words: “APC is the party of the moment, the party of the courageous, and the party of the fighters for democracy, and all these we have seen in Governor Rotimi Amaechi and we know that all these qualities are in abundance in Rivers State, and we think we will not go home without asking you through him (Amaechi) to please come and join the APC. Please, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we come to solicit, you know, for your coming to join the APC”

The party chairman, Bola Tinubu who also spoke at the event and shower praises at Governor Rotimi Amaechi as a man who has contributed to Nigeria and added that he led many amendment to the Nigeria constitution and Nigeria Speaker’s Forum, NSF.

His words ” I know Port Harcourt, i know Rivers State,  and i know Rotimi Amaechi. I know that he is a progressive, solid progressive, i know that he is a visionary, ever since he was a speaker, he has led so many amendments to the constitution and the unity of Nigeria’s Speaker’s Forum NSF, and has performed extremely well.

In his speech, he added that Nigeria cannot be progressive, develop on the ground of intimidation, harassment, and lies

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