APC best for the country, says APGA chieftain

Former Kwara State All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) governorship candidate Alhaji Bala Lade has said that the birth of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is in the national interest.

He said the ambition of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to rule the country for the next 60 years has hit the rock.

Lade told The Nation that the merger of the major opposition parties will changed the political calculation as the country prepares for 2015 polls. into APC as welcome development for the state.

He said: “The coming on board of the APC is a welcome development. It is a welcome development in the sense that, where there is no strong opposition, the people take governance for granted. They take people for granted. I consider the merger as a blessing for the state and the nation in general. For those that are not performing now, they have to wake up to do more and for those that have been performing, they have to do more so that people will not change to other parties. As an individual, I consider it as a very good development for the country.

“This government is about two years. People are watching. If they are not satisfied, we will not be too surprised, if people change to the new party. Change is the only constant thing in life. No party can hold on the reins of power for life. It is not acceptable anywhere. The only way that can happen is when people are enjoying the dividends of democracy.

“Nigerian democracy is 13 years old now; people are beginning to understand what politics is all about. They are beginning to know what good governance is all about. A lot of serious people are beginning to join politics to offer their services. The time of ‘we can have it our way’ is gradually fading away. We thank God for that.”

On the ideological differences among the politicians that formed the APC, the politician said: “We have every reason to give meaning to issues when they arise. For any serious person that desires a change, or progress for the country and for the state or the local area, we forget about our personal aspirations. Before they decided to form a merger, the people who are political juggernauts in their own right, would have put their personal aspirations behind them.

“It is being said that General Buhari may drop his ambition. If the major people are dropping their ambition for the success of the party, then, others will borrow a leaf from them.

“It is in this part of the world that you get elected or appointed into office and people jubilate. It should be a kind of sober reflection period for the elected or appointed because it is a big challenge on his shoulders. Here, we celebrate it because corruption is all pervasive.”



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