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Breaking: Femi Gbajabiamila finally emerges as Majority Leader

By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

It seems the crisis rocking the Federal House of Representative may have finally come to an end as Femi Gbajabiamila has been named the majority leader.

There has been leadership tussles between the Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, his loyalists, and Gbajabiamila and those loyal to the All Progressives Congress (APC)

The refusal by Dogara to announce Gbajabiamila has a majority leader has torn the party into pieces until on Tuesday when the President Muhammadu Buhari met with the aggrieved reps in Abuja.

Mr. Gbajabiamila was a former minority leader who was pushed to speakership but lost to Dogara.

In the same vein, Buba Jibrin was named the deputy leader, Ado Doguwa as chief whip while Pally Iraise was named deputy whip.

Chukwuma Onyema emerged as deputy Minority Whip; Yakubu Umar as the Minority Whip while Leo Ogor clicked the Minority Leader position.

What this means is that, The leadership of the APC has succeeded in resolving the problem with started since June 9.