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Buhari Dug A Hole For Nigeria While Trying To Dig One For Me – Jonathan

  • says Buhari worsened corruption and chased away foreign investors

A former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan has revealed in his new book titled, ‘My Transition Hours’ that his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari worsened the corruption level in Nigeria and chased out investors through his series of negative statements against Nigerians during his several visits abroad.

Jonathan and Buhari
Jonathan and Buhari

Jonathan said instead of the Buhari administration to take Nigerians to the next level, decided to engage in media trials which painted Nigeria in a bad manner and drove the country corruption perception Index downward.

He said, “The sundry accusations by the new administration will appear to have baited the media. Media trials are entertaining but have little or no effect in fighting corruption and improving the economy.

“Since I left office, rather than improve on our TI corruption perception record, the situation has worsened with the nation going 12 places backwards, becoming number 148 according to the latest CPI ranking for 2014, from 136 in 2014 when I was President.

“It was bad enough that Boko Haram insurgency continued killing people and ruining businesses but what is worse is when politicians downgrade the economy by de-marketing the country internationally.”

The former President said Buhari, in an attempt to dig a hole for him, dug a big hole for the nation and forgot that foreign investors are sensitive to the utterances of the government.

Jonathan added, “You should never try to slander your political opponent by destroying your country’s economy. Capital flight intensified and companies started laying off staff. In all this, I hope a lesson will be learned. If you embark on digging a hole for your enemy, you better make it shallow because you might end up in the hole yourself.

“How do you attract investors you already repelled through your utterances? Investors are an ultrasensitive lot. Money runs away from unstable societies.”

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