‘Buhari Gives Everybody Opportunity To Express Views’, Says APC Governor

The Governor of a central region in Nigeria has described the President of the country as “a man that gives everybody the opportunity to air your views”.

Governor Yahaya Bello, 45, said on a local television Channels on Thursday that President Muhammadu Buhari allows “logical reason to prevail at the end of the day.”

Mr Bello was responding to queries regarding the defection of a top member of the opposition, the governor of Southern Ebonyi State, David Umahi.

Umahi’s defection has attracted reactions across the board as the opposition described his cross carpeting as “political”.

PDP had boasted it will wrestle power from the ruling party in 2023, a remark Mr Bello described as “living in the past”, “a tall dream” and “building a castle in the air.”

The Kogi governor described the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the party “for the people, for the grassroots” while defending his remark with the defection of the Governor.

“I don’t know what is giving them that confidence. Even though power belongs to God and God gives power to who he will, but at this stage, I can assure you, PDP is gone, it’s going and going”, Mr Bello told the interviewer on Channels Television.

Under the current administration by Mr Buhari, Nigeria, a third world country in Africa has taken over India with the largest rate of people living in extreme poverty.

With about 86.9 million of the people living in severe poverty, Nigeria is known as the poverty capital of the world.

Despite the country struggle to explain the slump, Governor Bello, though acknowledged that Nigeria is a developing country, said: “The people are happy with our programs”.

The governor is very confident that his party is “touching lives and security the nation”.

“Why won’t they give us a chance once again to continue to produce the presidency of this country? APC, by the grace of God, will produce the next President and sweep across the legislative houses and the governorship across the country.” Mr Bello boasted.

The governor said people like Mr Umahi are coming into the party in folds because of the display of Mr Buhari’s “sterling leadership and high-quality performance”

He also boasted that other governors, legislatures and Nigerians will join what he described as “the moving train”.

“If Mr President performance and leadership quality that is attracting everybody to the party is what PDP called dereliction of duty and scavaging, I don’t know what description they are giving, but I want to assure you that Mr President is on top of his game”

The Governor of Kogi State urged Ebonyi people to pray for David Umahi for taking the bold step to join the APC, saying “he is leading his people to the centre”.

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