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Defection did not break the G-7 governors, says Aliyu

By Ehi Ekhator

G-7 Governors Join APCBabangida Aliyu, the Niger State governor has revealed yesterday that despite the recent defection of the G-5 governors to APC, they are still together

Jigawa governor, Sule Lamido and Governor Aliyu has yet to make their decision, hence remained in PDP while the other 5 governors who were on the same page and fight to what they nursed as Alhaji Tukur undemocratic style of leadership, left PDP for APC.

According to Aliyu, the G-7 governors are still together but only made the decision to pursue the same goal from different political party. This he said during a courtesy visit to Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano, one of the defected governor.

His words: “We are still together as one indivisible body. We communicate, exchange ideas and are pursuing the same objective. Our goal is never different, for your information,” he said.

He stressed that the public shouldn’t misunderstand whatever is going on as a division among the G-7 governors

Governor Aliyu in company of the former Governor of Zamfara State, Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima said that Governor Kwankwaso will always be his friend no matter what happened.

“All we are doing is a unified idea. We are only strategising towards the same objective,” he said.

Governor Kwankwaso said the same thing that nothing can separate him from Governor Aliyu

He said: “Those of us that went ahead were to chart the way for those we left behind for the political commanders to finish one or two things before joining us. Be rest assured that they will join us.

“We share everything together and people should be rest assured that we are engaging in a political strategy.”

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