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A Dithering Minister And His Concocted Lies – Victor Oshioke

Victor Oshioke, Senior Special Assistant (Social Media & Public Affairs) to Edo State Governor. has frowned at the allegation made by the People Democratic Party, PDP as an irony of life.

This was contained in a statement made available to Naija Center News.  Mr. Oshioke accused the ministers of flooding the polling station with security personnel, and added that Tony Ikpasaja has some questions to answer concerning the allegation levied against him by the Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole.

Read below:

Press Statement

It beats one’s imagination that members of the PDP could ever complain of “being rigged” out of an election. That is the irony of life. Those who live by the sword will buckle under, at the sight of a blunt scalpel.

Tony Ikpasaja may need to answer a few questions if truly his dithering minister is free from the allegations made by Governor Adams Oshiomhole regarding the minister’s misconduct in the Esan North East rescheduled election held on the 22nd of October 2013.

1. Is it part of the provisions of the law, that a minister should go to the polling booth with armed security personnel of whatever number, ostensibly referred to as “a mere VIP protection escort”?

2. Aware that the Local Government Election is a “mere” election at the local level, why would a minister flood numerous polling units with armed security personnel, now being referred to as “a mere VIP protection escort”

3. While on the one hand, the PDP chairmanship candidate in the election complained of late arrival of electoral materials, Mr. Ikpasaja on the other hand, is commending the election as the fairest in the history of local government election in the state. That sounds good and encouraging; after all, under PDP, such commendations were unheard of, because elections were never held anyway. We thank God, that an APC led government has been able to conduct an election credited by a PDP saxophonist as the “fairest”. What more can APC ask for?

4. Is it not true that chieftains of the APC were arrested by PDP led policemen, for no reason other than the fact they succeeded in demystifying the Uromi “warlord” whose electoral relevance has shamefully gone under?

5. If there were no electoral materials for the election as alleged by the PDP chairmanship candidate, how come the PDP is claiming victory? Or was that an afterthought?

6. For those who may not know, it will be interesting if Mr. Ikpasaja departs from the realm of deliberate ambiguity and state specifically how many police officers were in that “mere VIP protection escort. Did their brief include going to polling booths with the minister?

7. Is it not contradictory for Mr. Ikpasaja to claim on the same Press Statement that:

a) EDSIEC conducted the fairest local government election in the state’s history
b) EDSIEC result from the fairest election are “forged”

One can clearly deduce from the tone of Tony Ikpasaja’s press statement that his boss, the Hon. Minister for Works and by implication, the PDP hierarchy in Edo State is frustrated that its rigging machine, this time around, failed woefully in the Esan North-East election.,
The people of Esan North -East, just like every other Edo person, know when and why progress and development halted in Edo State before Comrade Adams Oshiomhole took over the mantle of leadership and began his developmental crusade. The transparent and dynamic leadership offered by Comrade Oshiomhole, was the catalyst the people of Esan North –East needed to put up resistance against decades of PDP intimidation, electoral manipulation and blatant rigging.

This election was not the first time the Minister of Works will attempt to unlawfully use the police against the people of Esanland , rather it has now become a recurring decimal at every election cycle.
With the outcome of this election however, it should be obvious to him by now that no amount of intimidation will make the good people of Edo State return to the path of stagnation, clueless governance and looting of public funds which they rejected when they twice gave Comrade Adams Oshiomhole their mandate within the last six years.

Victor Oshioke
Senior Special Assistant (Social Media & Public Affairs) to Edo State Governor.

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