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Edo Assembly: Speaker Okiye Finally Speaks On Impeachment

The impeached Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Frank Okiye has confirmed his impeachment, noting that it was the prerogative of the Assembly members to do so. 

He, however, stated that nobody has told him of his offence, noting that he remained fulfilled and in good health. 

The News of Frank Okiye’s impeachment broke early Monday morning after members of the crisis-ridden Edo State House of Assembly removed him from office. 

Mr Okiye, who represents Constituency I, Esan Northeast was removed following a motion by the Majority Leader of the House, Henry Okhurobo, that Okiye is removed over allegations of high-handedness and his impeachment letter was signed by nine out of the 10 – member Assembly present at a brief sitting in Benin City, the Edo State capital. 

He was swiftly replaced by Marcus Onobun, who represents Esan West State Constituency, following an election by the members present. 

But while responding to his impeachment in an interview, he said he bears no grudges against the members, adding that “I am fine”. 

He said: “Yes. It is true that I have been impeached this morning and it is the prerogative of the House, but I am fine and feeling fulfilled.

“But I must say that till now, nobody has told me of any offence why I was impeached because I gave my all”, Rt. Hon. Frank Okiye posited.

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