Elites Use ‘Ruling Party’ Instead Of ‘Governing Party’ – CNF Member Blasts Leaders

Catherine Iheme, an Italian based Nigerian, has expressed sadness about the current security situation of Nigeria.

The 82-year-old woman, a member of a pressure group, Concerned Nigerians Form, said the civil war “forced us out of Nigeria in 1967.”

The Octogenarian is more disappointed that a dominating political party in Nigeria quickly tags itself as a “ruling party” instead of a “governing party.”

Mrs Iheme was born 25 years after the Nigeria amalgamation. She witnessed the Second World War because her father fought in it.

Born in 1939, Mrs Iheme schooled in Kano from 1945 to 1954 and was one of the escapees in 1953 when fanatics was slaughtering southerners.

She lived, schooled, and learned the British Empire’s colonial history from colonial teachers in Calaba and Imom – Cross River state, at Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom and Lagos.

She taught at Ihioma near Orlu and Awo-Omamma in Imo State.

She added, “I carried and paraded with the first Nigerian independent Flag on Oct. 1st 1960 at lkot Ekpene. I have lived a multi-linguistic life in Nigeria and loved that country, and still love the people.”

Mrs Iheme condemns elites for copying only words and names like “democracy, republic, presidency” without learning the real meaning and effectiveness of those words.

“They use the words THE RULING PARTY rather than THE GOVERNING PARTY. In a democracy, you govern; you don’t rule.

In a recent interview with a National Television in Nigeria, Mr Garba Shehu, an aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, said, “When Femi Adesina or myself speaks for the President, people should accept that, it is the President that is speaking. For this President, it is the actions that should speak for him; he (Buhari) is not a showman; he doesn’t have to be there.”

“People should not personalise the issue. This country has problems, and it requires the involvement of everyone; all hands must be on the deck to solve these problems –community leaders have a role, senators have a role, everyone has a role,” he added.

Madam Iheme, popularly known in Italy as Mama Africa, condemned an attempt for Presidency to speak for Mr Buhari, saying, “the Presidency should not speak for the President because the elected one is the President.”

Speaking on the stick approach used against peaceful protesters in Nigeria, the Octogenarian said, “I am disappointed to read harsh and insulting words used by some to qualify Nigerian protesters.

“This should be avoided. I was born in history, lived, seen, learned, taught history, but the one in Nigeria today has never been seen or heard of anywhere else in this world.

She urged Nigerians to focus their attention on those that govern and not to be harsh towards protesters.

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