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Gov. Obaseki Makes U-turn, Allegedly Splashes Millions on Edo Political Leaders

By Chris Isabemon

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has returned to his avowed words never to hand out Edo State taxpayers’ money to jobless and hungry politicians who accused him of giving the state’s political appointments and contracts to his Lagos and Abuja friends. 

Godwin Obaseki
Godwin Obaseki

The governor, it was learned capitulated on his earlier stand not to extend political patronage to APC leaders who foisted him on the party and Edo people in 2016 against all odds as a result of the intractable disagreement between him and his benefactor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the National Chairman of APC.

Governor Obaseki, last week repeated his earlier boast for the umpteen times at the former New Era College, now Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia Memorial College that he would rather not be voted into office for a second term than hand out the state’s resources to hungery politicians. 

A few weeks ago, the Secretary to the State Government, Hon. Osarodion Ogie came down heavily on the APC leaders who dare to ask for contracts or board appointments from the government. 

A part of Hon. Ogie’s press statement reads: “However, only a handful of individuals whose insatiable greed the governor has refused to entertain at the expense of the peoples’ collective patrimony have decided to employ malfeasant tactics to blackmail him, the government and the party. They have since been advised to accept the fact that the peoples’ interest takes precedence over their avarice and that is our final word to them.

“It is important to warn these few bad eggs who have turned themselves into fifth columnists, moonlighters and political implants that their feeble attempts to derail the moving train being piloted by Governor Obaseki and his lieutenants will continue to fail as Edo people are familiar with their devilish plot”, Ogie wrote. 

One of the Local Government Party Chairmen in Edo Central who craved anonymity told FreePress Nigeria that Governor Obaseki play host to the 51 wards executive members of APC and seleted leaders at Irrua on Monday this week where he doles out millions of Naira to aggrieved party stalwarts against his public grandstanding. 

Other sources confirmed that the governor and his deputy also play host to Edo North 64 wards executive members and leaders same day at Jattu Town Hall where millions of taxpayers’ money allegedly flow in abundance. But not without a dressing down of the governor by one of the women leaders while the rest in attendance were said to have pretended to be loyalists of the Governor.

The source told FreePress Nigeria that Governor Obaseki had earlier embarked on a similar voyage in Edo South, pulling together 77 wards executive members and leaders of the party together for the same naira rain escapade while the general public is fed with the wrong impression that their taxes are in safe hands.