How APC and PDP delegates are picked to vote in primaries

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In the next elections coming up in 2023, the two major parties will choose their presidential candidates through an indirect primary process, with delegates making the final decision.

Presidential candidates from several parties have been wooing state chapters of their respective political parties.

The ad hoc and statutory delegates are the two sorts of delegates.

The ad hoc delegates are chosen through ward congresses held across the country. Party members select individuals who will vote on their behalf in the party's gubernatorial or presidential primary elections.

While the PDP is now holding congresses across the country to elect ad hoc delegates, the APC will do so on May 7.

The highest organ of political parties, the national executive committees (NECs), will decide how these congresses will be organized.

Following the selection of delegates, a convention will be convened to determine who will fly the party's gubernatorial or presidential banner.

Statutory delegates, sometimes known as automatic delegates, are members of the party who have previously held public office.

Former presidents, governors, deputy governors, and members of the national and state legislatures are among them.

Party members who now occupy the aforementioned roles are also able to vote for candidates at political party conferences.

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