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Iyamoh Attack: Oshiomhole’s Apology Dishonorable, Says Obaseki

Dr Don Pedro Obaseki has hammered the National Chairman of All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole over the crisis recorded in his home town, Iyamoh at the weekend.

Obaseki Makes Peace with Adams Oshiomhole
Obaseki Makes Peace with Adams Oshiomhole

The reports and video that made rounds at the weekend was the physical attack on the governor of the state, Godwin Obaseki in the presence of other dignitaries like the Oba of Lagos.

In his defence, Oshiomhole blamed the deputy governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu for allegedly sponsoring the thugs that invaded the ceremony at the Edo University, Iyamoh.

Oshiomhole said “The problem with a mob they can’t distinguish the guests, the responsible people, highly placed, the people I respect, I owe to high esteem, they can’t distinguish them from those two guys who, I have complained to the police about their roles in the attack of my Benin residence two weeks ago.

“My purpose this afternoon is to apologise to those people that were embarrassed. But Just to suggest to the governor that, as I told him in a text message, that we do not need to import thugs, we do not need thugs. He has to prevail on his deputy who seems to have a high propensity for violence to change his ways. YOu don’t want to go to university premises to organize a rally, so why import thugs to a convocation ceremony? It is unheard of!

Reacting on AIT, Obaseki described Oshiomhole’s apology as dishonourable.

He said he felt pity for the governor and his former boss after hearing them speak. He stated that it was wrong for Oshiomhole to blame the deputy governor for the attack.

“Edo state has turned out in the last six months like an unending, very badly scripted soap opera. and it is pitiable and regrettable and shameful that it is involving persons of so much high regard.

“The Iyamoh incident is going to be a watershed in this country particularly Edo people. I heard the Governor speak, I feel nothing but pity for him. I heard the National Chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole speak and I also feel pity for him but blaming Philip Shaibu the deputy governor who happened to be the foster son of Adams Oshiomhole and from what Adams Oshiomhole told us, when Philip Shaibu father’s died and Oshiomhole was the governor, Adams Oshiomhole told us that Philip Shaiubu was his legal brother, that is, he was adopted legally by Shaibu’s father.

“Be that as it may, it is very funny and unheard of that Edo deputy governor will take thugs to his backyard. You have to understand that Oshiomhole is from Uzaire clan, Philip is also from Uzaire clan. I decided to look at the whole thing from a more holistic point of view. There is nothing wrong if supporters of the deputy governor escort the deputy governor like they would have done to Oshiomhole because Oshiomhole never went anywhere in Edo State without a herd of followers.

“But I think this one happening in front of the Oba of Lagos, In front of the new Chancellor of the University, in front of those invited to Edo State, a peaceful state, to see them attack the sitting governor, the excuses are for me far fetch and it begged the question.

“Mr Oshiomhole was the former governor and Obaseki is the current one, and there is absolute, no excuse under the sun for them to attack him. We saw the video, and I also read a lot that was written and narrated by Senator Domingo Obende who until 2015 was the senator representing Oshiomhole senatorial district in Edo State, who said he was inside the bus, so I can imagine the mental agony of people attacking the sitting governor of our state particularly when this said attack was carried out by members of the party. I think Mr Oshiomhole and all those that were involved should tender unreserved apologies to the governor and people of Edo State.

When reminded that the former governor apologised, Dr Obaseki said: “He apologised and started the second tranche of blame lane, and that is very dishonourable, to say the least.”

Oshiomhole had claimed that those who attacked his Benin residence were among those at the venue in Iyamoh University.

But Dr Obaseki, who is a cousin of the governor argued that Oshiomhole’s home was never attacked. He stressed that no one has seen the video of the attack, citing the commissioner’s statement that the APC Chairman’s home was never attacked.

“If I remember clearly when we heard this conversation on this program it was generally agreed by Mr Iyoha, myself and the state commissioner that there was no such thing as an attack on Oshiomhole on that day.

“If I remember clearly, Barrister Idahagbon who was also on the program only said he had an audio recording of the event and if the audio recording did not show the faces, which Idahagbon also agreed he did not see but only heard, till today, nobody has seen the video of the attack on Oshiomhole’s house, so how will the poor people in Oshiomhole’s home town be able to identify these persons.” he queried.