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Obaseki Laments INEC Unreadiness For The Election

  • joined the queue where he waits over 90mins before voting

The Edo state governor Godwin Obaseki has expressed displeasure over the conduct of the ongoing governorship election.

Obaseki who arrived at his Polling Unit 19, Ward 4, Oredo Local Government Area (LGA) faulted the Independent National Electoral Commission unpreparedness ahead of the voting day.

The governor arrived at the unit and refused to be treated as a VIP, instead, he joined the queue where he spent more than 90 minutes waiting to vote.

Lamenting the slow card reader, Obaseki said “I expected that INEC would have prepared better for this election. I waited for one and half hour on the queue before exercising my franchise, it’s a bit disappointing.

“Giving that this is a sole day election, I expected better planning. Card readers were very slow and that’s the situation everywhere.”

Obaseki’s Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Crusoe Osagie, according to a local newspaper quotes, The Nation, claimed areas, where the governor is popular, were manipulated.

Osagie said: “Suddenly card readers are not working in areas where Governor Godwin Obaseki is very popular. Voters are being disenfranchised and we are constrained to say that this is sabotage.

“Specifically, in Oredo Ward 1, Unit 20 and other places where the Governor is clearly popular, the card readers are not working.

“The INEC should prove to Edo voters that it can conduct a credible election in Edo State.”

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