Park leaders forcing transporters to pay N500 for Tinubu's stickers in Lagos

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Transporters in Lagos state are being forced to pay N500 to put the candidate of the All Progressives Congress Bola Tinubu's stickers on their transport.

A video posted byRinu Odualashows a man in a light blue shirt and black pants demanding N500 from a tricycle rider.

The angry and exploited Keke rider in a black jacket tore off the sticker from his vehicle, warning the man, who seemed to work for the APC candidate, insisting.

"Another Twitter User, Oloye Ajikawo, first disclosed the extortion on 21 June 2022 via his Twitter handle. He said, "Tinubu is forcing transport workers to buy his sticker to raise campaign funds. You refuse, and you get dealt with. This is the guy educated people are queuing behind?

This is the first time video evidence has been posted to back up the claim.

He added, "I feel like anyone who has experienced military rule in Nigeria should undergo therapy. Most no longer understand what “Freedom from oppression” means anymore. Bullying is not a norm."

On Tuesday, 30 September, Rinu Odualaposted a video showing the fracas between the Keke riders and the man who insisted on collecting the money.

She posted, "Agbado boys seen forcing transport workers to pay #500 for Tinubu’s stickers in Lagos," "If they ask you about structure, this is the structure of criminality, tyranny, and fraud they have in order to win elections."

Rinu, who seems disappointed, said the people were already oppressed, querying if "this is the Nigeria you want."

"You are already oppressed, yet they are forcefully collecting your money to come and further oppress you. Is this the Nigeria you want," she posted.

Watch the video here

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