PDP Mocks APC’s Revalidation Exercise, Says Party Has Nothing To Offer

The Edo state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP has made a mockery of the ongoing registration and revalidation exercise of the All Progressives Congress APC, saying the party has nothing to offer. 

The PDP stated this in a statement by its state Publicity Secretary, Chris Osa Nehikhare, who said, “The People’s Democratic Party in Edo State has been observing with keen interest the ongoing “ registration and revalidation exercise” of the near-comatose All Progressives Congress, APC, in Edo state. 

” The APC in Edo State was balkanized in the run-up to the governorship election in 2020 when the EPM faction that represents less than 13% of the party membership is now for all intents and purposes, the soul of the dying party. Edo people have not forgotten the havoc caused by the EPM in 2020. 
“Edo PDP must congratulate Edo people for the matured and civilized manner they have responded (or should I say, not responded) to the APC cry and appeal for people to come out to register and revalidate their membership. 

“Our investigation has revealed that even though they started their desperate call for registration and revalidation by asking people to go and register at designated polling units, they had to abandon that directive and are now hawking their party cards door to door in our villages, communities and towns. Edo people did not only reject them at the polls on Election Day, they are once again rejecting them.”

The party said, “we are informed that the registration clerks at the units reported that it was unendurable for them to sit at designated polling units day-in-day-out and are unable to receive anyone for registration. They even reported that when people come to these registration centres, it is to mock them and recite a long list of APC failures, instability, leadership greed, infighting, failed and unfulfilled promises. 

“As these “rascals” go door to door in our communities, their regular trademark of lies and deceit is manifesting as they make false claims and fake promises like they made in 2015 that has led Nigeria into the mess we find ourselves today. APC has demonstrated an acute obsession with the propagation of falsehood, lies and alternative facts to curry public sympathy. We must be wary of them! 

“Edo people must reject in its entirety, the party called APC or any other alias they may wish to be known. They have nothing to offer!

“Isn’t it absurd and laughable that a party that its members refused to be proclaimed at the State House of Assembly because they lost out in the power struggle to produce the speaker will have the audacity to call on Edo people to come and register with it as members? 

“With apologies to William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, permit me to say this;  “yours is a sorry tale…”

Edo PDP calls on all its members and especially the general public to continue to resist all entreaties by these merchants of falsehood and propaganda to cajole them as they wobble through their registration and revalidation exercise.”

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