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PDP passes vote of confidence on Gov. Aliyu for not defecting to APC

Governor AliyuThe PDP in Niger on Thursday passed a vote of confidence on Gov. Babangida Aliyu for not defecting with other five governors to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Alhaji Mamud Enagi, the state PDP Chairman, said this when he led the state executive committee of the party on solidarity visit to the governor in Minna.

“In our last meeting of the state PDP working committee, we passed a vote of full confidence on the state Governor, Dr Babangida Aliyu, for the way he is running the state.

“We are here to show the people of Niger state and other Nigerians that the decisions he took during the G-7 governor’s struggle was with the full support of the PDP in Niger state.

“You made consultations with us before going for the meetings; all the decisions you took there were based on the wishes of the PDP members in Niger state.

“It is not your personal decision, but that of members of PDP in Niger state; this is why we came for this solidarity visit, to further reaffirm that we are solidly behind you.’’

“That was why all of us were happy when you openly declared that you are still in the PDP,” he said.

Enagi said that members of PDP in Niger would remain in the party and collaborate with the governor to make the state better.

Responding, Aliyu said he led the G-7 governors to improve the party and not to leave for another party.

“When I was calling for meetings of the G-7 governors, I told them that the issue was not to leave the party but to improve it.

“You don’t look for improvement and run away,’’ Aliyu said.

He said that if it was about his personal ambition, he would have opted to leave the party, adding that “It is not about me but about the people’’.

The governor, however, decried a situation where a governor left the party without his deputy and the leadership of the party in the state.


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