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My predictions for 2015 for President Jonathan – Doyin Okupe

By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

A Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Mr. Doyin Okupe has released his prediction for the forthcoming Presidential election.

According to the aide, an elaborate opinion poll was conducted in the southwest by an independent body among registered voters. The result he said, is very closed to the one he has predicted.

Below is Doyin’s prediction. He said Jonathan will win with the below percentages in various states in the country.

Sokoto 40%
Kebbi 40%
Zamfara 45-50%
Kano 40%
Kaduna 50%
Katsina 25%
Jigawa 60%
Bauchi 25%
Gombe 40%
Yobe 20%
Borno 50%
Adamawa 60%
Taraba 70%
Kwara 50%
Kogi 70%
Niger 35%
Nasarawa 50%
Kaduna 50%
Plataeu 70%
Benue 60%
Abia 80%
Anambra 80%
Enugu 80%
Imo 70%
Ebonyi 80%
Akwa ibom 80%
C/rivers 80%
Rivers 65%
Edo 70%
Delta 80%
Bayelsa 80%
Lagos 60%
Ogun 60%
Oyo 60%
Osun 40%
Ondo 60%
Ekiti 70%

With 60-65% voters turn out, President Jonathan will win the popular votes of between 2 to 4m votes.

The residential adie said “In my Local Government Area less than 15% use the internet.> 20% read newspapers 40% vote on party lines. Mjority influenced by other factors, money, leaders etc

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