President Bola Tinubu Pledges Unity and Progress for Nigeria

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On May 29th, 2023, Bola Tinubu was sworn in as the President at Eagle Square in Abuja. In his inaugural speech, he stressed the importance of unity, progress, and the Nigerian ideal.

The newly elected President was administered the Oath of Office by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Kayode Ariwoola.

Bola Tinubu

During his speech, President Tinubu expressed his profound love for the nation and unwavering confidence in its people. He stressed the significance of having faith in God Almighty, alongside the collective determination to overcome challenges and achieve the country’s greatest destiny.

President Tinubu praised Nigeria’s progress as a democracy, recognizing the peaceful transfer of power between governments as a testament to the nation’s trust in God, unwavering belief in representative governance, and capacity to shape the country into the society it envisions.

President Tinubu expressed his admiration for his predecessor, President Muhammadu Buhari, acknowledging his integrity, love for the country, and unwavering commitment to serving the nation. He also expressed his gratitude and expressed the hope that history would remember President Buhari with fondness.

President Tinubu refuted the belief that Nigeria would disintegrate, emphasizing the country’s strength and variety, and highlighting its status as Africa’s most populous nation and a leader of the Black Race. He reiterated the determination of the Nigerian people to remain united, asserting that Nigeria would endure as long as the world exists.

President Tinubu vowed to govern on behalf of the citizens, promising consultation and dialogue rather than dictation. He expressed a commitment to mend and heal the nation, emphasizing the importance of unity and understanding and welcoming diverse viewpoints and concerns.

In regard to the recent election, President Tinubu acknowledged the challenging and fair nature of the process. He made it clear that his triumph did not make him any more Nigerian than his opponents. He emphasized their significance as fellow compatriots and respected their right to seek legal solutions. He defended the importance of the rule of law and reaffirmed their role in shaping Nigeria’s future.

President Tinubu outlined his administration’s vision and key initiatives, highlighting the focus on security, the economy, job creation, agriculture, infrastructure development, and monetary policy reform. He pledged to prioritize security, investing in the reform of security doctrine and architecture while providing better training, equipment, pay, and firepower to security personnel.

In terms of the economy, President Tinubu aimed to achieve higher GDP growth, reduce unemployment, and stimulate domestic manufacturing. He emphasized the need for accessible and affordable electricity, improved infrastructure, and measures to attract and retain local and foreign investors.

On agriculture, President Tinubu proposed securing rural incomes, reducing waste and spoilage, and increasing production through the creation of agricultural hubs. He underscored the importance of food security and equitable earnings for farmers and consumers alike.

President Tinubu also discussed the reform of monetary policy, aiming for a unified exchange rate and reduced interest rates to stimulate investment and economic growth. He acknowledged the need for a review of certain policies, including the currency swap, to address their impact on unbanked Nigerians.

In foreign policy, President Tinubu highlighted the importance of peace, stability, and collective prosperity within the West African sub-region and the continent as a whole. He pledged to work with regional and international partners to address conflicts and promote peace.

President Tinubu concluded his speech by calling upon the Nigerian people to join him in making Nigeria a more perfect nation and democracy. He expressed confidence in the country’s ability to achieve greatness, invoking his name as Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

President Tinubu’s inaugural speech outlined a comprehensive vision for Nigeria’s future, emphasizing.

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