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Obasanjo should be held responsible for pains inflicted on Nigerians- CNPP

By Ehi Ekhator

ObasanjoThe conference of Nigeria Political Parties, CNPP, has said that the letter written by Obasanjo to Jonathan clearly expressed the mind of Nigerians and requested President Jonathan to resign because Nigerians no longer have faith in his administration

Mr. Bola Agan, the Benue State Chairman reacted on Thursday in Makurdi. He said that the letter opened the eyes of all Nigerians to the rot in the present administration.

His words “Obasanjo is absolutely correct about all the issues he raised and I  urge the president to save his face and step aside because we have never had it this bad as a nation.

“I actually praise the courage of the former President who has clearly shown that he is an elder statesman who does not waste time to raise an slarm when his country is drifting unlike some jobbers who hang around the president for survival.”

Though supported the letter written by Obasanjo, Mr. Agan didn’t forget to lashed at the ex-president for what he called “the misrule and plunging of the nation”

“Even though we appreciate Obasanjo for his bravery, we cannot also fail to point out that he shares in the blame for what this country is currently passing through.”

“It was Obasanjo who pronounced President Jonathan as his son and thereafter imposed and fostered him on Nigerians, and what do we have today? This is certainly not we hoped for.

“The truth is Obasanjo should also be held responsible for all the pains inflicted on Nigerians, the misrule and underdevelopment of this country by the present administration, that s simply the truth.”


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