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Tukur Declares war, says “i’m a militant, and i will fight on”

Tukur govenorsThe National Chairman of the People Democratic Party (PDP) said yesterday that since he was made the Chairman of the party, he has not had peace, and he has tagged himself “a militant”  and declare war with his enemies. He added that he will not give up but to fight on.

According to Tukur, being a militant,  has been able to position him to withstand pressures from his enemies and adversaries, who according to him preferred to turn him into a lame dock as Chairman of PDP, adding  that he would continue to be militant in the fight for justice, equity and equal right among members of PDP at all times.

Speaking yesterday at a ceremony organised on Wednesday by All Niger Delta Peoples Congress for the conferment of merit Awards to deserving Nigerians at the Transcorp Hotel, Abuja,  Bamanga Tukur who noted that his political struggles he has been engaged in within the past two years in Nigeria which have made him to be more militant in nature said,  “Yes, in Niger Delta there are militants. I am a militant too because the youths believe in equity and justice, and they many of them used all legitimate means to get the attention of the government to the sufferings by the people.

“I am also a militant because I engage in political struggles to make our country better. I am a militant for Justice, fair play, equity and human rights. As the Chairman of PDP, I will not give up in fighting for what is right and good for Nigeria to be better and for the youths to triumph in their struggles for survival.”

According to Tukur his militancy disposition was inspired by his long association with the youths from Niger Delta, most especially those among them who he said were un-relenting in fighting for Justice and recognition in Nigeria, using all legitimate means, even as he extolled the virtues of leaders of the south-south youths as he commended their efforts in ensuring better life for the people in the zone as well as their preparedness to stand by the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to carry on with his Transformation Agenda.

The PDP National Chairman however urged them to always be broad minded in their approach to issues, as he call on the Nigerians youths in general to begin to operate on the world stage in order to be ranked as world players in all endeavours.

Tukur who praised members of the Niger Delta Peoples Congress for encouraging outstanding performances among the public and private servants in Nigeria, asked the members to emulate the virtues of the late President of South Africa, Mr Nelson Mandela in their considerations.

According to him, Mandela was noted for the struggles to liberate his race from oppression under the defunct apartheid regime in South-Africa, whereas Mandela’s doggedness, consistence and the ferociousness in the struggles earned him global recognition even in death, even as he said that Nigeria  has the potentials to produce great leaders like Mandela, given the huge human resources with which the country was endowed, adding that the scope of achieving that lies essentially with the Nigerian youths.

Tukur who was special guest of Honour at the occasion, was conferred with an Award; Foremost Friend Of Niger Delta.

The Chief Organiser of the Ceremony, Mr Joejim Alaboso while presenting the award said the PDP Chairman was considered for an award of Foremost Friend of the Niger Delta, given the fatherly roles he has been playing in moulding the youths from the zone for greater challenges as Nigerians, adding that Tukur has sufficiently reflected fatherly inclinations towards the Niger Delta Zone at all times, a reason he stressed the people would continue to accord him with greater respect.


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