Wike denies buying N300m bulletproof car

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The newly appointed Nigerian Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has refuted claims of purchasing a bulletproof Lexus car worth N300 million upon assuming office.

During his visit to the Abuja Light Rail on Wednesday, Wike challenged reporters to physically examine his car to confirm that it was not bulletproof.

He further stated that he had not held any meetings with FCT Administration officials and had not approved the purchase of any car for himself.

He said, “We are now going to the office to have a direct report from each of the departments, but I have seen what is going on in the social media; how you (FCTA Permanent Secretary) bought a bulletproof car of N300m that I am using.

“So, I want you people to go hit your hand there (on the car) and see whether it is a treated car. With all due respect, people should be careful not to destroy other people.

“When I came, the Permanent Secretary said they have a car for us, and the car we use is this. I have never approved any car to be bought, and I have not used an official bulletproof car.

“Whether I have cars as governor? Yes, as a governor, what do you expect I should have what? But, I am not using a bulletproof car as FCT minister, so we should report the right thing and not destroy ourselves.

“I want you to take a look at where you have the flag, and see whether it is a bulletproof car.”

Wike Gives Ultimatum to Finish Abuja Rail Light

Recently, Wike expressed dissatisfaction with the Abuja rail light system, which is not functioning properly. He directed the permanent secretary to immediately pay the Chinese concession company to complete the rehabilitation of the trail within eight months.

Wike carried out his first assignment outside the office by inspecting the Abuja Metro Station in Idu and the Airport Station on Wednesday, two days after taking office.

The former two-term Governor of Rivers State, emphasized the importance of restoring the Abuja metro, which President Bola Tinubu promised to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians as quickly as possible.

During his visit to the main terminal of the metro station, Wike, accompanied by the Minister of State for FCT and other officials, addressed the contractors and raised concerns about the quality of their work.

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